Hello! and Welcome! And if you are an origami aficonado you are about to be disappointed

freeingorigamibirdsfreeing origami birds by Miriam Thorpe

I am a 45 year old woman living in New York who has had the incredible good luck to be able to change, and grow and reinvent myself and my life at a time when I see lots of my peers shifting into neutral. My life is an adventure in self discovery (believe me, some of THAT is like picking up a rock and watching creepy crawlies slither out)  and adventure. I am a constantly striving yogi, an injured but determined runner, a loving but not always patient mother, a best friend, a social worker and an introvert who functions like an extrovert until I can’t anymore. I am also a wife…and a girlfriend. I live polyamorously – though my version of polyamory is much more of the emotional sort. My real name is not Clarathegreat – but I answer to it! I am a meditator and a seeker and a thinker and I hope to share whatever minor insights I have about life and change and moving forward.

And the title? We all fold ourselves into the shapes we THINK we should be. And that can be fine! And maybe we really become the shape and the shape fits us perfectly and we are the happiest cranes (daughters, sons, life partners, engineers) EVER. But maybe not. And unfolding that shape without tearing anything can be just as hard as getting into it. And it can be stressful. And maybe we do sustain a little damage no matter how cautious we are. But regardless of how carefully we unfold we will always be left with the shadow of the shape we used to be. And that is absolutely fine – and in fact – it makes the next shape more beautiful and textured and rich

Cheers to texture and change and reinvention! And cheers to you reader – nice to meet you!


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