Catching You Up

After my last blog post, Harry pointed out that I am mentioning characters that most readers will probably not know unless you have ready my previous blog. Of course, you are more than welcome to read┬ábut be warned – it is not as, ahhem, high minded as this site. Plenty of adult content on my part.

Or, you can just do the Cliff notes version that follows. If you think you MIGHT be a horse, then you should find the above flowchart helpful! If you would like to see how cool a flowchart can look when you are using it to describe intimate relationships – see my fave blogger SeattlePolyChick. Her relationship configuration is a tad more complex than mine (and actually requires a flowchart!) and I have linked to it here:

The Cast of Characters (And a Chart!).

So – here is my cast of characters:

1. Jack – In November 2015 we will be married for 20 years – and have known each other for 22. My partner in growing up, my best friend, the father of my child, my business partner in the business of Jack and Clara, my truth teller, my confidant and my roommate. We are not romantic – but I could not imagine a life without Jack playing a significant part. Like two trees that stand very close together, we have grown up entwined.

2. E – I have shortened her name from the Ellaria used in JOAT (Jack of All Triads). she and Jack have known each other since high-school and stayed friendly over the years. 3 years ago, we all began hanging out more and more and one thing led to another and… well, here we are. Initially we were a bit more polyamorous- emphasis on the amorous, but now we are just very good friends. She and Jack have a complicated relationship – she often seems unhappy, dissatisfied, depressed. She is not a great communicator…so I don’t always know what’s going on, but boy do I feel it. She can be a storm cloud – lots of unfocused negativity floating around the place. But she can also be funny, generous and a joy. I often think she would like a more traditional relationship…but what do I know.

3. Harry – Harry and I just had the 2 year anniversary of our first date!! He is everything I wanted: warm, funny, sexy, smart, confident and a great snuggler! If I had not known him, I don’t think I would understand the true meaning of physical chemistry – because ours is off the charts. To be so in love with someone and have that kind of physical attraction – like spontaneous combustion attraction – is a gift and I am incredibly grateful!! He is great company and I absolutely adore him – everything is more fun when he and I are together. We even had fun at his colonoscopy! He has an adorable dog called Ziggy and is just wonderful with my son, Max.

4. Max – The son of Jack and I. He is 9 going on 10 with the anxiety level of an air-traffic controller. Max is tall, handsome, smart and a terrible test taker. He reads constantly – but also loves video games and action movies. He is by far the best decision I ever made and I am regularly surprised to find motherhood more fulfilling that I thought it would be. Even though I want to jump up and down screaming at some of the silly stuff he does at least once a day – he is my pride and joy.

5.S -E’s daughter who just turned 13. S is also a shortened version of her JOAT name. All the trials and tribulations you would expect from a 13 year old in one adorable gothy package. Boys, drama, girls, drama, grades, drama…get the picture? Bring in the llama! But the frustrating part for me is that I am waaaayyy stricter and more boundary oriented that E. I often (but not always) bite my tongue when I see E just letting things go, and acting like the kid is a grown-up and can make reasonable, well thought out decisions. Frustrating; but a learning experience. I can’t (and shouldn’t) have to fix everything.

6. Assorted characters: Not many that have hung on!! I don’t think about my previous sexual partners except in the broadest of terms. I have stayed in touch with BuckDharma and The Writer and we keep each other apprised about the goings on in our lives – but everyone else is history!

I think we’re all caught up now! Onward!!